Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts

For artists living in The Fiddlehead's home province of New Brunswick, there is still time to apply for the Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts.

The New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts offers this juried scholarship to a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional potential and talent as an artist; intends to study arts at a recognized institution or with a recognized private instructor for the purpose of pursuing a career as a professional artist or an arts professional. The scholarship will be awarded to the most promising candidate on the basis of the applications submitted. The prize will be presented during an event highlighting the vitality of the arts in New Brunswick. The scholarship is in the amount of $1,000. One prize each year may be awarded.

The scholarship's objectives are to support an artist or craftsperson who seeks to build upon a new practice or establish a new direction in their work, and to encourage the development of New Brunswick talent in the arts.

Eligibility: Only New Brunswick residents are eligible. A resident is defined as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has resided in New Brunswick for at least one year immediately preceding the application deadline. Students may reapply every year. Eligible applications are evaluated by a jury of professional artists and arts administrators.

All applicants must provide a résumé that includes professional experience, exhibitions or performances and any achievements which pertain to the application. An applicant must also provide a typed letter to the jury outlining the professional career plans of the applicant, photocopies of the program/course description and tuition fee as provided by the institution or private instructor, a résumé of the private instructor (if applicable), and a sample of most recent works on CD-ROM (max 20). The NBFA reserves the right not to allocate the scholarship if the applications submitted do not meet the criteria of the program.

Application Deadline: June 30

For more information please contact the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts.