Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Best Canadian Poetry 2012

It's still national poetry month, so we thought we give a long overdue shout out to The Fiddlehead poets who made it into The Best Canadian Poetry 2012 anthology published by Tightrope Books!

Six poets who first appeared in our pages made the final cut. Congratulations to Medrie Purdum ("Bear Room"), Shane Rhodes ("Paperweight"), and Ian Williams ("Missed Connection") from Winter 2011 (no. 246); Geoffrey Cook ("The Breakup of the Ice") from Spring 2011 (no. 247); Anita Lahey ("Care Package") and Ricardo Sternberg ("Blues") from Autumn 2011 (no. 249).

Still more poems from The Fiddlehead contributors made the long list. Kudos to Craig Poile ("Consumation"), Darryl Whetter ("The Softer Fossils..."), and Shoshanna Wingate ("Spring") all from our Spring 2011 issue (no. 247). And from our Autumn 2011 issue (no. 249), congrats to Shane Neilson ("Perfect Fatherhood").