Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Past Fiddlehead Contest Winner Announced as Regional Winner (Canada and Europe) of 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

Photo credit: The Malahat Review
Eliza Robertson, winner of The Fiddlehead's short fiction contest in 2010 (published in no. 243) for her story "Worried Woman's Guide," has just been announced as the regional winner (Canada and Europe) of the prestigious 2013 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for "We Walked on Water."

In the press release, chair of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize Razia Iqbal said, “The short story is among the hardest forms to master. The five stories we chose as regional winners all pass the judges' tests of capturing a distinctive tone; creating fulsome characters; always deft in showing, not telling; subject matter both intimate and personal, as well as ranging across political landscapes. Reading them will transport you, as all good literature does, and introduce you to voices we are sure you will hear again.”

Recently, Eliza was also shortlisted for CBC's Canada Writes short fiction prize. You can read CBC's online interview with her here, where she names Fiddlehead fiction editor Mark Jarman as one of her favourite writers.

The winner of the Commonwealth Prize will be announced on May 31. Good luck, Eliza!

UPDATE! Eliza Robertson has been chosen as one of two winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize! The judges said that her story "We Walked on Water" is "an exhilarating story about the relationship between a brother and sister, both competitive swimmers. The descriptive writing is nothing short of strikingly beautiful, in terms of emotions felt, the natural environment and the structure." Congratulations from us at The Fiddlehead!