Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whitehorse Poetry Festival 2013

The Fiddlehead's poetry co-editor Ian LeTourneau was one of the invited guests of the Whitehorse Poetry Festival this past weekend, and he reports that it was a fabulous time reading poetry under the midnight sun. This year's festival had a publishing and editing theme, and in addition to reading his own work, LeTourneau was there to talk about his experiences editing for The Fiddlehead and Goose Lane Editions.

The schedule also included Noelle Allen (publisher Wolsak and Wynn), Stephanie Bolster, Brad Cran, Dina Del Bucchia, Jamella Hagen, Kitty Lewis (general manager of Brick Books), Bren Simmers, Garry Thomas Morse and Jo Shapcott.

The very poetic and swift-moving Yukon River.
British poet Jo Shapcott.