Friday, January 31, 2014

Odd Sunday's @ Molly's: Ross Leckie and Sharon McCartney

The next odd sundays at Molly’s event, Fredericton’s longest-­‐running, semi-­‐monthly, persistently-­‐hyphenated, poetry-­‐reading series, will take place this Sunday (February 2nd) at 2 pm with featured poets, Sharon McCartney and Ross Leckie.

So if you are in Fredericton this weekend, drop into Molly's Coffee House at 554 Queen on Sunday at 2 pm to enjoy some poetry and a warm drink!

Sharon McCartney is a past member of The Fiddlehead's editorial team. she received the Acorn/Plantos People's Prize for her book, The Love Song of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her most recent book is Hard-Ass.

Ross Leckie is the editor of The Fiddlehead and director of the Creative Writing program at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. His most recent book is The Critique of Pure Reason.